Comb Horn

Click here to learn more about how Real Comb horn keep hair healthy.

Click here to know how we made combs from horn.

Click here to see video when test broken teeth comb horn,polish comb horn by hand, engraving customer name on the comb horn.

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What is different between premium comb horn and standard comb horn? It is about comb teeth. The standard comb horn's teeth are very different with premium comb horn:

+ With premium comb horn, we use hand to take care each tooth, tooth is circle shape and it is very comfortable to use with the head's skin. Also, the comb teeth are very strong. Check video when we test the comb teeth on each model detail.

+ With the standard comb horn, we don't take care each tooth and it is standard quality tooth & shape. The polish quality is  SAME AS PREMIUM and teeth also are strong.

For more easily to image premium comb quality, you could check this High Quality Video:

(KIMSON Premium comb horn VS Ebay comb horn)

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