Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) 2009 ! Buffalo New Years 20009 !

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Tet is the celebration of the Vietnamese New Year. It literally means the first morning of the first day of the New Year. In 2009 it will be the year of the Buffalo.

The Tet celebrations last for 3 days (starting on 26th January 2009), with the national holiday occurring for 3 of those days, but can be longer in some parts of Vietnam.
As part of the celebrations, homes are cleaned as a symbolic gesture of cleaning the all the bad luck from the previous year, and can include changing appearances of houses (such as painting) as well as family members receiving new clothes & shoes.

Le Tru Tich is a special midnight ceremony held on New Years Eve (25th January 2009) and serves to see out the old year and bring in the New Year. During these celebrations, gongs and other festive items are used as part of the celebration.

On New Years Day, the people of Vietnam choose their actions and activities carefully, as they believe the events on New Years Day determine their luck and fortune for the coming year.

Note : All of order will holding after Vietnamese New Years. We will start to producing / processing after this holiday. If your order MARK AS :

 - Pending -> It is holding and waiting for verify.
- Handicraft, Grips, Shell Processing -> Producing in our factory but it don't finish.
- Delivered -> it was done and was delivered. Please wait.

Any email will reply and answer from 15/02/2009. But i will reply any urgent inquiry via this cell phone number: +84-98-3038939 . SMS or Phone call is welcome. English and Vietnamese only please!

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