RE: Order Update #100

Sunday 27 January, 2008

I just received my order a couple days ago. I decided to try them out a little before replying. They look and sound great. Compared to my other picks, they're huge. The other standard sizes I have about an inch and a quarter long. These are and inch and three quarters long and an inch and a quarter wide. I didn't specify a length; so there's no way you could have known. The thicknesses aren't consistent either; but I expected that of a hand made pick. The extra picks that were in there are actually more correct in that regard. All things considered, you guys did a great job. I'm happy with the products.

If there's still time to make changes to this order, can I have the picks made smaller this time? An inch long would be great.

I also saw some body jewelry on your site. It just has a large picture, but no individual pieces. Are you planning to update that any time soon? There's some pieces in there that I'm interested in.
Testimonial By: Charles H. Tyler

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