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RE: Did you receive the order yet?

Sunday 15 November, 2009


I trecieved the order last week. I am very pleased with the quality of all items.

Many thanks

Laurence Wilkinson
Testimonial By: Laurence Wilkinson

Re: Order Update #657

Tuesday 10 November, 2009

dear vu kimson,
(i'm not sure of the best way to address you. is it mr. kimson or mr. vu?
i'm not sure if you are a man or woman. i apologize for my ignorance about vietnamese names.) i just wanted to let you know the pearl, abalone and buffalo horn pieces arrived and they're absolutely beautiful!
thank you so much for the extra pieces.
i will make a list of pieces i would like to order from you very soon.
i'm very interested to hear what sort of wholesale prices you offer.
thank you very much for the quick and secure shipment.
i look forward to doing business with you again.
kind regards,
Testimonial By: mike

R: Order Update #594 - excellent job!

Sunday 08 November, 2009

I received my mother of pearl colt 1911 government grips, and they are beautiful. They are well worth the wait of almost 3 months to have them.

I love their perfect craft and the quality of the material.

Thanks a lot for your astounding work.

Testimonial By: Andrea


Tuesday 03 November, 2009

Dear Mr Vu Kim Son,

I beg you to apologize my bad english, because I am French.
Today I received the buffalo horn grips for Colt 1911A1 that I had ordered you a few weeks ago.
Actualy, I didn't ordered them for a real weapon but for an Airsoft replica. But I have to say that I'm quite happy of the result. The grips fit good enough to my gun, and most of all they are very beautiful !

So I did for you some free advertising on the first Airsoft website in France, because somebody asked me about where did the grips come from. I put a link to your company website, you can see it and the pictures of my gun here : http://www.france-airsoft.fr/forum/index.php?showtopic=14096&st=4740 , at the end of page 238 and the beginning of page 239 (the pseudo is MaEs90).

Thank you again for your job, I may ordered some other items on your website another time, cause I really like the design you gave to them.

Quentin Menigoz.
Testimonial By: quentin.menigoz

Package has been received.

Monday 02 November, 2009

Dear Vu,

My horn slabs have arrived today in proper order and are very nice!
Thank you very much also for the free extra peice and be assured I will buy more from you in the future!

Scott McCard,
Testimonial By: Scott McCard,

RE: Order Confirmation No: 630

Wednesday 21 October, 2009

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the shell pieces I received this day. However I had to wait a long time before it arrived, it was worth it. The items are very nice and I am happy with it! Thanks again.

Yours sincerely

Marjolijn van der Putten- Marree
Testimonial By: marjolijn van der putten-marree

1911 Dragon grips

Monday 19 October, 2009

Simply beautiful. Worth the wait and every penny.
Testimonial By: Christopher Murphy — , Virginia — 

Grips - Order #514

Tuesday 13 October, 2009

Hi Vu Kimson,

I received the grips on 10/10/2009. What can I say, they are super looking! Outstanding workmanship!!!

I had to buff the bottom of one panel to make it fit. Both panels fit tight, a truly customized fit.

Truly worth the wait.


Ruben Leon
Testimonial By: Ruben Leon

Thank you

Tuesday 06 October, 2009

Just wanted to say I received my order today and I am very happy with it, it is all very beautiful.
Thank you

Kind Regards

Soo Choy
Testimonial By: Susan Law Hing Choy

Re: Order Update #525

Monday 05 October, 2009


I received the dust of life water buffalo grips. The wait was worth it. They are fantastic. I will refer you more customers and buy more grips. You are truly an artist and skilled craftsman. I love the grips.

Sent from iPhone
Testimonial By: Chris Weber

RE: Order Update #390

Monday 05 October, 2009

My gun grips arrived today and they are BEAUTIFUL! Although it took 9 months for my order to be filled it was worth every minute I waited and every dollar I paid. To be honest I was worried that your company simply wasn't going to make them. I have never purchased anything internationally before so I thought I may have been taken advantage of.

HOWEVER, your craftsmanship is beautiful and I love the dragon pipe too. Thank you so much for the gorgeous items. The grips fit perfectly and look great on my gun.

I apologize for all the emails I sent you and I will tell everyone I know in the U.S. about your handi-work! Thank you

Sir William n. Brown
Testimonial By: Sir William n. Brown

RE: Order Update #609

Monday 05 October, 2009


Thank you so much. I just recieved this order and am very pleased with the quality. Thank you also for the extra peices...it was worth waiting a little longer for. I will order more in the future.

Best regards,
Testimonial By: Ted Caron

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