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collar stays

Thursday 10 September, 2009

Mr. Kimson,

I am commenting on the collar stays per your request.

Although they were delayed the finished product is exquisite.
The edges and broad sides were polished to perfection, the natural colors varied from 'almost' black to blonde.
I personally preferred the blond and marbled colorings but all are attractive.
The two sizes that were requested were made accurate to the millimeter.

I also am enjoying the combs made of horn.
Definately a first class lux product.

Life is too short for plastic.

Keep up the quality production.

In the near future I am planning to order more combs>

Steve Grossman
Testimonial By: Steve Grossman

RE: order

Wednesday 26 August, 2009

Dear sir I received my grips about 3 months ago. I am very pleased with them. Included was one made with mother of pearl material. It looks great. I have a Browning hi-power and I would like to have them in buffalo horn. If you need a model, I could send you an extra set of grips
made for the browning Hi-power. Also I have a hi capacity 1911 made by Para-ordnance, a P14-45 I also want Buffalo horns for it and so does one of my friend. Can you do it ? If you need a model I could probably supply one for you.

In resume 2 pair of grips one for Browning Hi-power and one for Para-ordnance P14-45

Yours truly,

A very satisfied customer
Testimonial By: Jean-Marie Clairoux

Spoon received They are fantastic

Tuesday 25 August, 2009

Hi Vu they are fantastic where can I leave you a feedback, I would like to send you an extra 10 dollars because I appreciate your good work. Send me an email that have an account in Paypal to send you the money.

Testimonial By: Ivan carlos santana gil

mother of pearl grips

Saturday 08 August, 2009

Dear sir,I received my mother of pearl grips today and will fit them on my Colt 1911 38 super.They are absolutely beautiful.Very good workmanship and a painless and efficient ordering process.To anyone concerned about ordering,do not be,Kimson is a great company to do business with.Thank you,Jonathan R Hardy
Testimonial By: jonathan hardy

RE: Order Update #538

Thursday 02 July, 2009

the grips are beautiful, thank you very much. I will do more business with you in the near future.

Testimonial By: Richard Corum

Re: Order Update #490

Tuesday 30 June, 2009

Vu. Today I got the grips and I have to tell you what a beautiful job you did. Now I see why it takes so long to produce. I am extremely happy and very impressed with your work. You have a great product at a great price. I am going back on line now to make a new order. Thank you very much Vu and sorry I e-maild you so many times.

Great product. My very best,Tom.
Testimonial By: Thomas Egan

Re: Order Update #522

Monday 29 June, 2009


I received the pipes this afternoon. They are exquisite in both quality and design!

Thank you for both your swift recompense and your generosity of the second pipe.

I have already recommended your company to a few friends, and will recommend you to anyone who enjoys your handicrafts.

Samuel L. Rosenblatt
Testimonial By: Samuel L. Rosenblatt

RE: Order Update #444

Friday 19 June, 2009

Dear Mr. Kimson,
Just received my grips today and they are beautiful and I will be ordering additional sets soon. I have included a picture.

Donald Grego
Testimonial By: Donald Grego

Re: Order Update #503

Wednesday 10 June, 2009

got it today. very nice merchandise. thanks for the extra!

also curious to find out if you do custom sizes on the guitar picks, bridge pins and truss rod covers?

i can send you some samples.


gt schulz
Testimonial By: gt schulz

Re: Order Update #413

Friday 05 June, 2009

Awesome! I got these sweet items today; it is the best thing I have ever waited for! You have earned a customer for life!

Thank you again
Testimonial By: Jared Dean

Received combs

Wednesday 03 June, 2009

Dear Mr. Kim Son,

The combs are beautiful.
Thanks for the additional comb.
I am looking forward to receiving the collar stays.

Steve Grossman

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Testimonial By: Steve Grossman

Re: Order Update #496

Tuesday 02 June, 2009

The grips arrived today and they are even better than expected. Absolutely beautiful! Can you make this grip in the white buffalo horn or bone? If so, would the cost be any different? I appreciate your product and excellent customer service.

Lee Nettles
Testimonial By: Lee Nettles

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